I didn't know any more about our father than what my mother told me. Her name was Renatia, and she said my father never fit the mold that Blackcliff tried to force him into. She said he was kind. Good. For a long time, I thought she was lying. I've never been those things, so it couldn't be true. But perhaps I just didn't inherit my father's better traits. Perhaps they went to a different son.

Avitas Harper about Arius, A Torch Against The Night

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Arius Harper was a Plebeian Mask that was trained at Blackcliffe and resided in Jeilum. He had an affair with the Commandant sometime after his first child, Avitas, was born. This liaison produced a child, Elias, who is said to have inherited Arius's kindness. He was killed in service at age twenty-eight, when Avitas was just four years old.
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