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Aubarit Ara-Nasur is the Fakira of Tribe Nasur.


Aubarit is shy, nervous, but also smart and dedicated.

Physical Description

Aubarit is sixteen years old. She has red-brown curly hair and freckles that stand out on skin that is medium brown. Deep blue tattoos wind up her arms, they are geometric patterns that resemble skulls.


Aubarit was chosen by her grandfather to be his apprentice. Upon this decision, she met Shaeva who gave Aubarit her benediction. She has been training as a Fakira since she could speak.

A Reaper At The Gates

Elias Veturius is introduced to Aubarit by her tribe's Kehanni. Aubarit tells Elias how the Fakirs and Fakiras are dying in unexplained and mysterious ways. She has been struggling to reach the spirits, as if something was blocking her. Elias tells tells her to reach out to the other Fakirs. He also says that their wagons should no longer be set apart from the rest of the caravan, and must be repainted to match the others in the Tribe. This will make it more difficult for their enemies to find them. He also tells her to ask the other Fakirs if they are also finding it hard to commune with the spirits and if it has ever happened before. Finally, Elias tells Aubarit that if she needs him to come to the border of the Forest, but not to enter it, and he will come to her.

A Sky Beyond The Storm

When Elias comes to Aubarit to see if she knows anything about why there are so few ghosts in the Waiting Place, she tells him one of the Mysteries she learned. "And though the Sea of Suffering churns, ever restless, verily does Mauth preside, a bulwark against its hunger."