The Augurs are a group of fourteen Martial holy men and women. They are believed to be immortal and are revered as advisors and seers.[1]


The Augurs are pale and grotesque in appearance, with jet black irises surrounded by vivid red. They are seen by the Martials as wielders of a mysterious magic. Martials believe that the Augurs' power comes from being possessed by the spirits of the dead. Masks in particular revere the Augurs. Augurs decide which Martial children will attend Blackcliff Academy. Many of the Empire's leaders make a yearly pilgrimage to the Augurs' mountain lair seeking counsel on matters of state.[2] Augurs can read minds, influence an empire, and heal at will. They "dream the future: all outcomes, all possibilities."[3]

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The Augurs foretell the destines of each of the Aspirants. They also use their magic to protect Laia from Marcus Farrar's arrow during the Fourth Trial. Then they get her to the Resistance.

It is revealed that the Augurs are the Scholar Coven who created the Star. They killed the jinn children before imprisoning the jinn in the grove in the Forest of Dusk. The jinn begged for mercy as they were sealed into the trees. The Nightbringer forces the Augurs to watch him free the jinn with the newly repaired Star. The freeing kills them, except for Cain, who he wants to imprison. The Nightbringer tells Cain that he knows about his foretelling showing him a way to free themselves and release the jinn while protecting humanity. Thus, the Augurs worked to make Laia, Helene, and Elias their champions. The Nightbringer tells Cain that he has failed because he has "taken Helene's soul, the Waiting Place has taken Elias' humanity, and he will crush Laia's heart. He claims Cain never understood magic, because above all else it is changeable. When they are killed by the Star during the freeing of the jinn, the Augurs' power is returned to the jinn and they crumble to ash.

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