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Cook is one of the supporting characters in the story. Cook is a slave for the Commandant and has a disfigured face from the Comandant's abuse. She made explosives for the resistance before she was a slave working for the commandant. She also knew Laia's parents (she did not like the lioness) It seems that the Cook had been betrayed by the resistance. Cook helped Laia save Elias from being executed but she would not want to escape from slavery herself.


Cook actually does escape from the Commandent and goes after Helene she subdues her and gives her a hint as to where Elias will be, but she threatens Helene that if Laia is harmed there will be consequences.


It's revealed that Cook is actually Mirra of Serra — the Lioness, and Laia and Darin's mother. During her torture sessions with Keris, she snaps the necks of both Liz and Jahan to put them out of their misery and prevent them from spilling any information. She resents herself for it.

She sacrifices herself at the end of Reaper to give Laia and Helene time to escape, telling Laia that she loves her before telling her to go.
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