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Efrits are spirits that command an element. They are weaker fey creatures, born of the lower elements.


Efrits have the ability to awaken latent magic in humans. This is how Laia, Elias Veturius, and Helene Aquilla's powers come to fruition. There are efrits of wind, sea, sand, earth, air, cave, and snow. Elias recalls one of Mamie Rila's tales about efrits when he and Helene face them in the Second Trial. When Elias and Laia are fleeing through the catacombs of Serra they are confronted by a cave efrit.

The efrits were some of the fey creatures who unknowingly helped the Scholar Coven create the Star. The Nightbringer tells them that they can redeem themselves for helping the Scholars destroy his people by "going to their new allies in the south and helping them understand what they can call forth from the dark places."[1]

Beating Efrits

Efrit, efrit of the wind, kill him with a star-steel pin.

Efrit, efrit of the sea, light a fire to make him flee.

Efrit, efrit of the sand, a song is more than he can stand.[2]

Efrit, efrit of the cave, likes the dark but fears the blade.

Known Efrits

  • Cave Efrits
  • Sand Efrits
    • Rowan Goldgale: king of the sand efrits
  • Air Efrits
  • Wind Efrits
  • Sea Efrits
    • Sidladh: lord of the sea efrits
  • Snow Efrits
  • Shadow Efrits
  • Clay Efrits
  • Water Efrits


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