Eleiba is Princess Nikla's captain.


Captain Eleiba is honorable and brave.

Physical Description

Eleiba is a few inches taller than Laia. She wears scaled silver armor as a captain. She has powerful muscles in her shoulders. Her chiseled dark brown face lacks cruelty but she is still very intimidating to look at. She has excellent instincts as a soldier. Eleiba is hawk-faced. She speaks with a firm voice.


A Reaper At The Gates

Captain Eleiba arrests Laia and Darin upon their arrival in Marinn. She claims they have conspired to commit crimes against the kingdom of Marinn. Later, in the Marinn prison, when Laia tries to warn Nikla of the coming dangers, Eleiba recognizes what Laia is talking about.

A Sky Beyond The Storm

Eleiba has been reinstated in Nikla's guard at King Irmand's request. When Helene is attempting to speak alone with Nikla, she throws a knife at Eleiba and it sinks into her shoulder. This allows Helene to pull Nikla into a private room to plead for an alliance.

Eleiba comes to Antium to see Helene after Nikla released her from service fro arguing against an alliance with Empress Keris Veturia. She tells Helene that she is here as a Mariner who fears for the survival of her kingdom and that Marinn is in desperate need of their aid.

Eleiba sends a report to Musa about the status of the war between Marinn and the Nightbringer and Keris Veturia. Ayo and Adisa have both fallen. Thousands are dead. Princess Nikla was killed defending King Irmand. Both of them were murdered by Keris. She requests immediate aid.

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