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Ghuls are malevolent creatures of shadow who feed off sorrow, blood, and pain.


Ghuls are often found on battlefields and in prisons, though they are attracted to any living creature that is suffering. The Nightbringer, the King of the Jinn, uses them as his personal spies and messengers.[1] Ghuls resemble ghouls and often take on the appearance of a loved one in order to hurt the person who can see them. When they touch a human, they spread a bone-deep cold into them.

According to Spiro Teluman, ghuls left the world for a time, but they've returned. Not everyone can see them. Elias Veturius describes them as "soul-hungry" and creatures that "feed on pain like vultures on carrion."[2]

Ghuls look like black shadows that hiss and paw at humans. They have slitted red eyes.


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