At least I'll die having done something useful.

–Izzi to Laia

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Izzi was a slave who had worked at Blackcliff Academy for ten years when she met Laia. 


Izzi was 5 years old when she arrived at the Blackcliff with Cook. She got her eye missing because of Cook's attempt to poison the Commandant. Instead of punishing Cook, the Commandant took Izzi's eye by mean of hurting Cook's feeling. Cook took care of Izzi ever since. 


Izzi befriends Laia against cooks wishes and soon figures out that the Laia is a spy for the resistance. Izzi decides to help Laia by giving her information that she knows, the two of them sneak out of Blackcliff through a dangerous path to go to the moon festival in the quarter. At the festival there is a raid, Laia, Elias, and her escape by going through the catacombs. Later on in the book she helps Laia try to find a secert exit to Blackcilff for the resistance. They find one but are caught by Marcus and Zac. At the end of the book Laia sent Izzi to escape from slavery with Keenan


Izzi and Keenan have been tailing Elias and Laia, they eventually catch up to the two of them and say that they are going to help break into Kauf and save Darin. Izzi notices Elias is unwell, but Laia denies it because she had promised to keep the face Elias was poisoned and dying a secret. "Izzi always sees more than anyone gives her credit for."- Laia While the four of them are traveling to Nurr a sandstorm hits causing Izzi to go sand blind. Izzi gets to nur and escapes from it with the group. When she is in the caravan traveling to kauf Gibran Ara-Nur develops a crush on her. The caravan is searched for scholars Izzi is found and tragically killed.


Laia: Laia and Izzi became friends after Laia needed Izzis help, to get out of Blackcliffe for her mee with the Resistance. Izzi insisted on helping Laia even though she knew how dangerous it was. The two started working together to help the Resistance after that. When Laia had to choose between going with Keenan or saving Elias, she gives her space on the boat that was going to take her to Keenan, to Izzi. Izzi and Laia team up again after they reunited in "A torch against the night". They stay close friends until Izzi is killed.

Cook: Izzi and Cook have a special relationship. When Izzi arrived at Blackcliffe, Cook takes care of her. The Commandant learns about their friendship and when Cook offends the Commandant, the Commandant punishes Izzi instead. Izzi dies before she can tell Cook how she feels about her.

Gibran: Izzi and Gibran meet when the team flees from Nur. Gibran flirts a lot with her and the two end up being very close. They do chores together and spend a lot of time together. Izzi reveals to Laia that "It's nice to be admired, Laia, by someone who means well. It's nice to be thought beautiful." Izzi dies in Gibrans arms.

Elias: Izzi and Elias were friends through Laia. They showed each other kindness and Elias helped Izzi when he met her in the Waiting Place, giving her the courage to pass over.

Keenan: After her death it is revealed that Izzi never trusted Keenan.

Physical Description

Izzi is described being small and thin, wearing an eye patch and has blonde hair, blue eyes.


  • Izzi is Arabic for mighty, strong, and powerful.
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