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Karinna Veturia is the mother of Keris Veturia and the wife of Quin Veturius.


Karinna absolutely adored her daughter. She was loving, caring, and protective.

Physical Description

Karinna looked very similar to her daughter Keris. Thus her skin was most likely pale, her hair was blond, and her eyes were gray.


Karinna married Quin Veturius when he was a Lieutenant General. He was needed by the Emperor to fight the Karkauns and so was gone. Karinna lived in Navium when she gave birth to Keris. Karinna wouldn't let anyone else take care of Keris. Even though they had multiple slaves, Karinna insisted on feeding, changing, and playing with Keris. Before Keris was one year old, Quin moved them to Serra. Then Karinna died. The Emperor didn't give Quin leave, so it was a year before he returned home to his daughter. By this time Keris had stopped speaking. He was able to spend a month with her before he was called back to the battlefield.

A Reaper At The Gates

Elias discovers that the ghost known as the Whisp, is his grandmother Karinna. The Wisp tells Elias that his Tribal family needs him and that their pain and suffering is great.

A Sky Beyond The Storm

Keris tells Laia that her mother died in terror.

After Keris is done with her time in the Waiting Place, Karinna and Keris move on to the afterlife together.