The Kehanni of Tribe Nasur is the storyteller and oral historian of her Tribe.


The Nasur Kehanni is confident. She wears her strength like it's her own skin.

Physical Description

The Nasur Kehanni has silver dreadlocks that hang down to her waist. She has elaborate storyteller's tattoos on her dark brown skin. Her face has seen a thousand tales. She wears a heavily embroidered, calf-length dress over wide, mirror-hemmed pants. Her voice is throaty.


The Kehanni meets with Elias Veturius when he seeks her out to learn about the magic of the Waiting Place and Mauth. She tells him that she is only meeting with him out of respect for Mamie Rila. The Martials have taken her brother's son after they raided their grain stores and she has no desire to work with a former Mask.

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