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The Mariners, also called the sea people, reside in the free lands of Marinn, to the northeast of the Martial Empire.


Inspiration for Mariner clothing from Sabaa Tahir's Pinterest

The Mariners are a largely seafaring people. Mariners typically have dark hued skin. Their prosperous trade of iron, meats, and spices enabled them to enter into a treaty with the Martial Empire to retain their freedom. However, they have historically been an ally to the Scholars, and many Mariners have joined with the Scholar resistance movement.[1]

Mariners are less skeptical than Scholars when it comes to the fey, but they aren't as strong of believers as the Tribes. The Mariners have always been called the sea people.

The people dress in fine clothing, even during a winter storm. They wear red, blue, and purple wools embroidered with freshwater pearls and mirrors. They also wear sweeping cloaks lined in fur and heavy with gold thread.

Known Mariners