Form among the battle-hardened youth there shall rise the Foretold, the Greatest Emperor, scourge of our enemies, commander of a host most devastating. And the Empire shall be made whole.

–The Augurs's Prophecy - An Ember In The Ashes

Martials are the ruling people of the Martial Empire. They are a proud warrior race.


Five hundred years ago, a brutal warrior named Taius united the fractured Martial clans, and swept down from the north, crushing the Scholar Empire, and taking over most of the continent. He named himself Emperor and established his dynasty. Emperor Taius was called the Masked One for the unearthly silver mask he wore to scare his enemies. His legacy still rules today.[1]

The Augurs saw in their visions that Taius's line would eventully fail, after which the Augurs would choose a new Emperor through a series of physical and mental tests also known as the Trials. Though Taius did not appreciate this prediction, as it threatened his rule, the Augurs managed to assuage him. As a way to prepare potential candidates for the Trials, Augurs created Blackcliff Academy and began training students.


Martial society is separated into classes. The noble class is known as the Illustrians. Below them are the Mercators who are the merchants. The common people are known as Plebeians. Martials speak Serran, and force others to speak it as well. A family is called a Gen. The head of a Gen is called the Pater. There are two hundred fifty Illustrian Gens. There are six million Martials.

The Martial military has three levels. The most skilled and vicious soldiers are Masks, who wear all black. Below them are legionnaires, who wear silver armor and red capes. The bottom of the military are the Auxilary companies, also known as Aux soldiers. Somewhat outside the military structure is the Black Guard. The Black Guard is tasked with ensuring the loyalty of the military. They wear the emblem of a bird and are led by the Blood Shrike. The Blood Shrike is the main enforcer of the Empire and is the second most powerful person in the Empire, under only the Emperor. The Blood Shrike cannot defect, but if the Emperor allows it. they can be freed. When a Mask becomes the Blood Shrike, they give up their name and are only known as the Blood Shrike.

Known Martials

Known Gens

  • Gens Veturia
  • Gens Aquilla
  • Gens Teluman
  • Gens Atria
  • Gens Aroman
  • Gens Aurelia
  • Gens Candela
  • Gens Cassia
  • Gens Equitia
  • Gens Galerius
  • Gens Harper
  • Gens Kinnia
  • Gens Lenida
  • Gens Mettia
  • Gens Modia
  • Gens Rufia
  • Gens Rallia
  • Gens Sisellia
  • Gens Sergia
  • Gens Serica
  • Gens Tullius
  • Gens Tanalius
  • Gens Tatia
  • Gens Taia
  • Gens Vissan
  • Gens Visselia


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