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Masks are the Martial Empire's most skilled and most ruthless soldiers and enforcers.


Masks are the graduates of Blackcliff Academy. They are named for their most prominent feature, the eerie silver masks that cover their faces from forehead to jaw. These masks have fused to the faces of the soldiers. They fight with speed and skills that is almost inhuman. Martial children destined for Maskhood are taken from their families at the age of six, and trained at Blackcliff Military Academy for fourteen years.[1] Becoming a Mask is one of the few ways for common Martials to move up in society.

The Augurs give Blackcliff students their mask when they become Cadets at fourteen. Over time and the more they wear them, the masks dissolve into the person's face like liquid silver.

Upon graduating from Blackcliff, Masks lead soldiers in the never-ending border wars with Wildmen and Barbarians. Those not sent to the border are given city commands where they hunt down Resistance fighters and Mariner spies.

Known Masks