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Mazen is the current leader of the Resistance. He always seems reluctant to help Laia save her brother but Sana on the other hand always feels obliged to help the poor girl and threats to pull her man away from the Resistance over her. Mazen does not yet want to lose her men so he gives Laia a perilous mission which is to spy on the Commandant of Blackcliff academy. He thinks she will not survive within the first week but he is wrong as Laia manages to live and give them real information especially regarding the Emperor's arrival in Serra. Mazen changes his mind, hiding and faking the spy reports as well as figuring a way to keep her away from Sana and her faction therefore he asks Laia to find a tunnel to the Blackcliff for them. Instead of finding a way to save Darin, he leads the fighters on a higher mission which is to murder the Emperor because he believes it can bring about a revolution.


Mazen is a form of the Arabic name Mazin - means storm clouds.
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