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Nikla is the Crown Princess of Marinn.


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Physical Description

Nikla is in her mid-twenties, with light brown skin. She has thick, straight black hair that she wears pulled up in a knot. The most distinctive thing about Nikla is that she is surrounded by ghuls. They gather at her feet, hissing and pawing at her. Her back is poker straight and she walks gracefully. Her voice is pleasant enough but there is an underlying malice to it.


Nikla is surrounded by ghuls who whisper to her and influence her mind, however she is unable to see them.

A Reaper At The Gates

Nikla arrests Laia and Darin upon their arrival in Adisa. She references their parents, clearly she knew them while they were alive. The ghuls controlling her have made her believe that Laia and Darin are in Marinn to make Serric steel weaponry, arm the Scholar refugees, and instigate an uprising. She reveals that she put Araj, Tas, and the other members of the Skiritae on ships sent to the Tribal lands. Nikla tells Darin that she wants him to make Serric steel for the Mariner army, but he refuses. He tells her, "I won't arm another group of people so that my own can live at their mercy."[1] Nikla tells him that he has until dawn of the next day to commit to making Serric steel weapons for her army or be sent to the Tribal lands. Laia tries repeatedly to tell her that the Empire will probably turn on the Mariners, treaty or not, just like they did with the Tribes. But the ghuls surrounding Nikla keep her from comprehending.

Nikla has been using her father's weakness to push the Scholars out of Adisa and into the camps. She has stripped land and titles from Adisan Scholars.

A Sky Beyond The Storm

Nikla has been making life increasingly hard for the Scholars of Marinn. She has raised their taxes repeatedly, causing many to lose their businesses. Keris is in Adisa to offer Marinn a treaty that would end the jinn attacks on Mariner villages. Helene warns Nikla that Keris will betray her before the end, and if she survives that betrayal, to find her in Delphinium.

Nikla dies fighting in the war against the Nightbringer and Keris. She was killed defending her father, King Irmand. Both were murdered by Keris. Keris killed Nikla's guards, and then stabbed her through the chest before pinioning her to the walls of the palace. Keris killed Irmand in front of her. The ghuls who had tortured and destroyed her mind for years finished her off.


  • Nikla is trained in fighting with a blade.


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