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Sana is the head of her faction. She knows Laia's parents very well and often disagrees with the way Mazen rules the Resistance now. She is obliged by Laia's parents' contribution to the Resistance and willing to help the girl when she seeks for their aid to save her brother, Darin. Sana and her faction have been pushing Mazen to break Darin out of the prison although they do not always meet the girl because Mazen keeps her away from them by giving her impossible missions. Sana is told that Darin's escape depends on the missions and that giving many details can imperil the jailbreak. She and every other fighter are then given a greater mission which is to assassinate the Emperor when he arrives in Serra. Over the course of the attack, she is informed about Darin's transfer to Bekkar Prison by Keenan who receives the absurd news from Mazen during their last meeting. She confronts him afterwards, expecting her men to back her up but as it turns out, they do not take her side anymore because Mazen tells them that killing the Emperor is much more worthier than saving Darin as it can bring about a revolution.
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