Shaeva was one of jinn bodyguards and she showed an interest in the Scholar king when she was on duty accompanying Meherya and his queen to the king's place. Her interest did not go unnoticed as the king befriended her and over the time, she fell in love with him. She was credulous of the king's promises that she helped him creating the Star that would bring catastrophe to her own kind. As her punishment, the Nightbringer chained her to the Waiting Place, making her a slave to it.


Shaeva is shy, but once she gets to know someone she comes more out of her shell. She is passionate and fiery with a sense of humor, but inside she is filled with sadness and longing.


Shaeva is a jinn and also possesses the powers of Mauth. Because she is a jin, she has an unnaturally high body heat that warms everything around her. Shaeva can read the stars to see the future, though she can’t see the whole future like the Augurs can

Mauth gave her additional powers when she became Soul Catcher. She can create invisible walls trapping a person in a place, as well as windwalk which is the physical magic “of speeding through the trees in the blink of an eye” (A Reaper at the Gates). She can, while touching someone, share her knowledge and thoughts with them telepathically.

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