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Silvio Rallius is a Mask and one Livia Aquilla's personal guard.


Silvio is loyal and trustworthy. He was one of the few upperclassmen at Blackcliff Academy who wasn't a monster to the younger students.

Physical Description

Silvio is twenty-two years old. He has a thrice-broken nose, deep brown skin, and blue eyes that always sparkle. His grin makes knees weak at Illustrian parties across Serra. He is huge in size with large hands.


Silvio comes from an Illustrian family, Gens Rallia. He attended Blackcliff Academy. Helene Aquilla and Elias Veturius hero-worshipped him. Helene used to have a crush on him.

A Torch Against The Night

When Livia Aquilla marries Marcus Farrar and becomes Empress, Silvio is appointed to her personal guard with Faris Candelan.

A Reaper At The Gates

Silvio continues to work with Faris Candelan to protect Livia from various threats.