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Teluman smith is one of the oldest in the Empire. Gens Teluman has produced the most talented Empire smiths for centuries.

Before Darin came, Spiro Teluman had not made a true Teluman scim for seven years. The day he made his last weapon for the Empire was the day he swore to himself to never make a Martial blade again. He did not want the Scholars to die because of his weapon.


The Empire forced apprentices on Spiro Teluman for years. He did not find one until he caught Darin spying on him from a balcony of the building next door. He was going to report him to the auxes but then he saw Darin's sketchbook. He learned that not only Darin was drawing the inside of his forge, he was also designing the weapons of his dreams. Teluman offered him the apprentice right away because if he did not, he would expect Darin to run away and never come back but Darin came into his forge fearlessly. Spiro Teluman taught him how to make fine Teluman weapons for his people, the Scholars and survive interrogation in case he got caught. Spiro Teluman had told him to keep his sketchbook at the forge because it would be safer there but he would not listen.

The Mask who caught Darin recognizes Teluman's work in his sketchbook. Spiro Teluman has been questioned twice about it. The Empire cannot know about the apprentice, otherwise they will kill Darin. After they kill him, they will kill Teluman. Spiro Teluman is the only chance the Scholars have for their freedom because he can help them with the Empire's secrets. The Empire will not kill Darin if they think he is holding rebel secrets and therefore Teluman should be safe too.

When the Commandant sends Laia to his forge, he is not keen to give a response, like always. He returns to the back room of his forge without a care. Later, when he hears Laia screaming, he comes back with a scim he had created with Darin and wards the ghuls off. He changes his mind and asks her to tell the Commandant that he will reconsider her request. He wants the Commandant to think that his interest in Laia will get her a weapon and thus the girl will not be harmed.

During the second visit, he welcomes her with a chair and a glass of cold water. He asks who did she see with when the ghuls came. When Laia says it was her brother, he scrutinizes her face and recognizes her easily because Darin spoke of her often. He tells her about how he met her brother and how things went between them. Laia, however, does seem comfortable knowing about it so she shoves the papers to him and leaves quickly.

Afya Ara-Nur comes to his forge presumably asking him to craft something. He sees Laia at the door and nods a greeting at her. Teluman and the Tribal girl agree on something - she offers him a sack of coins. When she is gone, he tells Laia about her but she resents him for telling her of that and blames him for making Darin his apprentice. At this, Teluman tells her that Darin will still be making weapons if the Empire ever releases him because his destiny is to help his people and he will help him do it.

He is working on a strip of metal when Laia comes to him and asks for his help to break her cuffs. It takes him nearly three hours to break them. When the cuffs are broken, he asks her to take the scim to Darin and tell him Spiro Teluman will be waiting in the Free Lands because they have work to do. He entrusts her with the scim and teaches her how to overcome her fear. He also gives her an advice to fight with her heart.


Laia describes him having the look of a river pirate rather than a blacksmith. He has a shaved head and his face is full of piercings - six through each ear, one in his nose, his eyebrows, his lips. From his wrists up his arms and beyond, there are multicolored tattoos of eight-pointed stars, lush-leafed vines, a hammer and anvil, a bird, a woman's eyes and scales. He has the look of a Martial - tall and muscled but lanky. His eyes are pale green.


  • The name Spiro means "basket; spirit". Spiro is an alternate spelling of Spiridon (Greek, Latin): from Greek "spyridion".
  • Spiro Teluman's grandfather was a friend of Quin Veturius.
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