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The world's not only full of bad things, you know.

–Tas to Laia - A Sky Beyond The Storm

Tas is a Scholar boy who is a slave in Kauf Prison.


Tas is incredibly resilient, having survived being a slave in Kauf. He is clever and kind-hearted. Despite the horrors and pain he has endured in his life, Tas remains optimistic and always tries to find the bright side in a situation. He strives to help those around him stay positive as well.

Physical Description

Tas is no more than ten years old. He is malnourished, filthy, and as silent as a corpse. He wears slave's cuffs on his wrists and a filthy shift for clothing. He has lank, shoulder-length hair. He is small in size.

After being freed from slavery at Kauf Prison, Tas has grown six inches. His brilliant smile and sparkling eyes are the same though. While no longer malnourished, Tas is still slight and skinny.


A Torch Against The Night

The Warden uses Tas to force Elias Veturius to surrender when Elias is caught in Kauf Prison. The Warden threatens to kill Tas, knowing about Elias' strong sense of empathy. He brings Elias food, water, and a blanket while he is imprisoned in the interrogation cells. He asks Elias why he isn't afraid of the Warden, and that the Warden hurts him. Elias gives Tas his name while he cleans his wounds. Elias tells him it means swift in Sadhese, and that it's a good name for him because he is smart and fast.[1] Later, Tas tells Elias that the soldiers speak about the Empire's hunt for him and Laia. Tas then tells him about the man they hear screaming and crying. His name is the Artist, and he calls out Laia's name in his sleep. Elias realizes that the Artist is Darin, and Tas helps him formulate a plan to escape Kauf with Darin.

Tas and the other slave children kill the Warden as they break out of Kauf. Tas joins the other four hundred survivors of Kauf as they escape to Adisa.

A Reaper At The Gates

Laia and Darin learn from Princess Nikla that she has been manipulated by ghuls into believing Araj, Tas, and the other members of the Skiritae were trying to instigate an uprising in Marinn. Princess Nikla put them on ships traveling to the Tribal lands.

A Sky Beyond The Storm

Tas becomes the companion of Zacharias Marcus Livius Aquillus Farrar. He lives with him and Tribe Saif. Tas wants to learn scimcraft from Elias.


  • The Jaduna call Tas "the young demon killer."[2]
  • Rehmat reveals that Tas was a possible warrior and carries Rehmat inside him.


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