You cannot stop me. My vengeance is written.

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The Nightbringer is the king of the jinn. He is an antagonist or a grey character in the story (depends on how you see him). His mission has always been retrieving the broken pieces of the Star but it is bounded by magic, therefore each time he finds one, he must ensure that it is offered to him in love and trust. The magic, however, is not one-sided, as the Nightbringer has to render love and trust as well beforehand. It is the only way he can reassemble the weapon that imprisoned his people, so he might set them free again. The Nightbringer cannot kill those have touched the Star, for it protects those who have touched it.


The Nightbringer hated the Scholars so much and sought to destroy the Scholar Resistance's leaders, Mirra and Jahan of Serra, for their movement was the only hope the Scholars ever had. He used all his power to morph into a redheaded five year-old orphan and refused to speak to anyone until Jahan brought him to the resistance's encampment. From then on, he became a spy. He wheedled information from Lis about her parents and he stalked Mirra who had the silver armlet that he needed. One day, when Mirra arrived at the Resistance encampment without the armlet, he was furious. He allied with Keris Veturia and gave away the Resistance's leaders' information. A few years later, when Laia came up to the Resistance begging for aid, he recognised the silver armlet on her. He used information stolen from Darin to win her over, to get her to trust him. He was so close to getting her to fall for him but she then gave the freedom he had offered her to Izzi, making his carefully wrought plan of getting her to give him the armlet in love and trust fell to pieces. All the while, he had to keep his cover among the Resistance in order to persuade the rebels to kill the Emperor and rise up in the Scholar revolution. The revolution would result in extermination of the Scholars by the Martials, which is what he wants as a revenge for what the Scholars did to his kin centuries before.


The Nightbringer once had a beautiful name and it was the name that brought him into existence and defined all he would ever be. His name was Meherya, meaning beloved. His true name was unknown to men, so they called him the King-of-No-Name.

The Nightbringer had a wife whom he loved dearly and the Forest of Dusk was his home. Before he became what he is now, he was the Soul Catcher. He and his people helped the humans moving on the spirits of the dead so that the living were not haunted by them. However, one of his people betrayed him by helping the Scholar king and his Coven to create the Star. The weapon imprisoned the jinn in a groove of trees before it shattered into hundreds of shards that flung across the land. Though Meherya escaped the imprisonment, he had failed to save his people and his failure drove him mad. He carried madness with him like a cloud of ruin. Wherever he went, darkness fell, and so he was named the Nightbringer.

Keenan along some members of the Resistance encounter Laia in the catacombs. He recognizes Laia's face to a certain extent but his memory is vague. They are taking her silver armlet away but there is an unlooked-for Aux patrol. Nervous, he pushes Sana to grab Laia's armlet quick but she hesitates and defends Laia. He tries to reach her but Sana shoves him away forcefully causing her hood to fall back, revealing a tattoo on her neck. He quickly decides to haul her to their hideout because he is afraid that she will blow their cover if they leave her behind.

Keep quiet and watch your step or I'll knock you senseless and leave you in one of the crypts. Now move.

–Keenan threatens Laia.

In the Resistance's hideout, Keenan orders Sana to give Laia some neem leaf to erase Laia's recent memory. Then, he engages himself in a group of fighters in the corner where he is supposed to receive the death news of Raj and Navid. Once he returns, he insists on getting Laia out of their place and refuses to help her. In confirmation to what Laia says, he explains to Mazen that the new recruits, Raj and Navid were following her brother, Darin and their bodies were found by Eran in the west end of the Scholar's Quarter in the morning.

Keenan and the other leaders are to discuss privately whether or not they should help her in Mazen's chambers. During the discussion, he suggests them to keep her safely in the camp.

She's insane. They call her the bitch of Blackcliff. You won't survive the Commandant. The mission will fail.

–Keenan discourages Laia.

When they return to Laia hours later, Keenan points out that breaking her brother out might sacrifice their men. In acquiescence, he disappears into the muttering crowd and watches them from a distance as Mazen warns him to back off for interrupting him. He shows a strong disapproval at his task as Laia's handler but restrains himself from speaking. By the evening, Keenan and Sana escort Laia to the Resistance operative. Before Laia leaves for Blackcliff, he approaches her and gives her the Resistance's salute; Death before tyranny.

Sana can convince him. She's not leader of her faction for nothing.

–Keenan to Laia while waiting.

Keenan has disguised himself as a bag-seller by the time Laia arrives at the Execution Square. He signals her to go to the side alley leading out of the square and then makes his way down to their hideout, opening the door from the inside. He notices Laia's bruises but keeps himself tongue-tied and offers a neutral response for her second chance. After the meeting, he walks Laia out of the basement to a backstreet nearby. He comments on her disfigurement and discovers her bruises and welts. Annoyed by her lack of knowledge and experience, he gives her some basic tips of spying.

Shuffle, hunch. Act beaten. Act broken.

–Some of the tips given to Laia.

A few days later, in the couriers' office, Keenan informs Laia of Darin who is now in the death cell and will be executed after the new Emperor is named. He advises her to meet Mazen the day after tomorrow. Nevertheless, Laia insists on meeting Keenan that night at the Moon Festival therefore he promises to find her there. After the meeting, he invites Laia to have a dance with him and reveals that he was against her from the outset because he did not want her to go to Blackcliff. He thinks it is unfair of them to treat her that way for the great things her father had done to the Resistance.

During the raid, all of the Resistance members manage to escape just in time. The Martials capture more than a hundred Scholars.

After the raid, Keenan has been watching the square all day, hoping Laia would come through. When she does, he informs her of another meeting which will be held eight days later. He could not tell her where Darin's exact location at the moment because their leader has been hiding the spy reports. He thinks their leader is planning something else but then questions the possibility of it since they lack of men to do both tasks simultaneously. Instantly, he notices Laia's scar as her cloak accidentally rips free and emboldens her to take pride of it because it proves her valor.

It means you survived her. It means you're brave.

–Keenan emboldens Laia.

Eight days later, Keenan leads Laia to an abandoned shoe shop. He confesses that he has been thinking about her and then trails off about them being together. He attempts to kiss her but on sensing Mazen's arrival, he retracts. He is dubious about their leader regarding Darin's transfer to Bekkar Prison and when the Resistance attacks the Emperor that night, he tells Sana about it. After the successful ambush, he keeps guard over their hideout and tries to warn Laia not to enter the basement before standing aside restlessly while Mazen deals with her.

Keenan plays along by hitting her in the temple from behind when she launches an assault on their leader.

Mazen locked up everyone he thinks is against him. 'Confining them,' he says, for their own good. Sana's under full guard. I couldn't let him do the same to me - not if I wanted to help you.

–Keenan to Laia.

Keenan hits Laia to protect her. He carries her to a shed so that when she is awake, he is able to explain everything to her personally. He was not aware of Mazen's withholding all along as he and some other fighters were misled. He tells Laia that right after the Emperor's killing, Sana was abandoned by her own faction when she confronted Mazen about Darin's transfer to Bekkar Prison. Before he finds Sana and warns the other leaders, he gives her a small packet of acid to break her cuffs and directs her to a galley called Batcat.

Keenan will find Laia in Silas which is where the galley is headed and they will figure out about Darin there. Howbeit, he is expected to meet Izzi.

Keenan told Laia that he would find her in Silas in over two weeks but Laia passed the freedom he had given her on to Izzi. Keenan caught up with the barge that was supposed to carry Laia a day after it departed from Serra and he was furious that he found Izzi on the barge instead. He was restless since then and concerned himself only with finding information that would lead him to Laia.

He tracks Elias and Laia to the Tribal desert and insists on going to Kauf with Laia. He asks Elias to leave off and mentions finding a safe place for Izzi so that he can get Laia to Kauf all by himself. However, Laia favours Elias so the Martial has to come along regardless. At night, Keenan disappears into the woods when the others have bedded down. He implores Laia to cast Elias off but to no avail. He respects her decision.


As Keenan, he is loyal and dedicated to the Resistance, secretive, stoical and self-centered at times but he cares for Laia since he 'owes' her father for saving his life.

Physical Description

Meherya in human form has auburn hair and a beautiful face, according to Elias.

Keenan is described having a Scholar's even, fine features. He is lean, muscular and medium in height which is at least 5'10". He has noticeable red hair and deep chestnut brown eyes.

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  • Keenan (Cianán) is a male Irish name which means "ancient, gavin".
  • Laia describes him having the scent of lemon and wind and something smoky, like cedar.
  • At the Moon Festival, Elias nicknamed him 'Red' in virtue of his striking hair colour.
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