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The Scholar Resistance is a movement dedicated to battling the Martial Empire's violent rule.


The Resistance's leaders are the best and bravest of the Scholars. Elusive as the rebels are, they're the only weapon the Scholars have against the Empire and its soldiers.[1] Laia's parents were the greatest leaders the Resistance ever had. After their deaths, it has split into factions and been manipulated by the Commandant.

Upon Laia's parents' deaths, their third-in-command, Mazen, has become the leader. The younger fighters often side with Mazen against Sana and the older fighters. These younger fighters are bold and pugnacious, while the older fighters are typically more analytical. Keenan serves as Mazen's second-in-command.

The Resistance lives by the code of Izzat. Izzat is a code of honor as old as the Scholar people. It means strength, honor, and pride. After the Martial invasion, Izzat has also come to mean freedom, courage, and proving oneself. Izzat is often associated with the image of a close fist raised high with a flame behind it.

Known Members